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Distinguished economist, educator and public official
Former Commissioner, Surface Transportation Board

"Amtrak's approved and funded infrastructure work remains unimplemented. This is not an Amtrak labor force issue; it's a project delivery and infrastructure funding process issue, requiring a new, transformational process which generates a steady, reliable source of non-appropriated money for Amtrak's infrastructure. RAILnet-21 is such a new process.  It creates an "off-budget" funding stream that causes more than a billion dollars annually to be invested in Amtrak's owned infrastructure.  It includes incentives and penalties to achieve project delivery focused on fixed budget projects and hard final completion dates, using construction and project management techniques the private sector routinely employs. RAILnet-21 was once thought 'too good to be true,' but it is true. Change is banging on the door asking to be embraced."

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