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A Breakthrough Solution for Sustainably Funding Amtrak's Infrastructure


  • Infrastructure funding needs lots of money:

    • The Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) and other Government organizations have determined that Amtrak’s owned infrastructure requires investments of over $150 billion, far exceeding realistically appropriable amounts.

    • The New York tunnels alone need over $15 billion now!

  • Infrastructure improvement needs lots of time:

    • Given lead times, if Amtrak’s infrastructure requirements aren’t funded in short order, there is a significant risk that the Northeast Corridor rail service may be interrupted or severely compromised prior to replacement facilities being constructed and made functional.


Solution: RAILnet-21

  • The only politically viable and immediately implementable solution that fully funds Amtrak’s owned infrastructure needs, including new bridges and trans-Hudson tunnels.

  • Guarantees a minimum investment in Amtrak’s owned infrastructure of $1.2-$1.4 billion annually of private-sector funds, which is more than $70 billion in non-appropriated funds over the next 50 years.

  • Reduces Amtrak debt by assuming up to $500 million of existing infrastructure-secured debt.

  • Assures a safe and reliable passenger network supporting new and expanded travel opportunities.

  • Creates a solid foundation for higher speeds, shorter trip times, more affordable tickets, greater convenience, and increased access for passengers.

  • Scores well for Federal budgeting based on the Congressional Budget Office's applicable scoring methodology.

  • Returns Amtrak to a dedicated train-operating business—its core competency.

  • Does not change Amtrak’s ownership, keeping the infrastructure a Federal asset exactly like today.

  • Saves States money by returning commuter carrier to paying only the avoidable cost for infrastructure use.

  • Improves Amtrak’s long-distance trains’ financial performance by removing allocated Northeast Corridor infrastructure costs.


Join us! 

Learn how creating a fully funded Northeast Corridor Infrastructure Trust Fund can protect all stakeholders. Be part of a new age of rail travel and the creation of tens of thousands of new, direct and indirect transportation, building and construction, and railway supply industry jobs. Now is the time for action!

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