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NEC Future: Northeast Corridor Capital Investment Plan:  FY2018-2022

"Congress established the Northeast Corridor Commission (the Commission) to develop coordinated strategies for improving the Northeast’s core rail network in recognition of the inherent challenges of planning, financing, and implementing major infrastructure improvements that cross multiple jurisdictions. The expectation is that by coming together to take collective responsibility for the NEC, these disparate stakeholders will achieve a level of success that far exceeds the potential reach of any individual organization."

Highlights Brochure

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NEC Future:  Preferred Alternative

"This chapter summarizes the Preferred Alternative development process, and describes the Preferred Alternative assessed in the remainder of this Tier 1 Final Environmental Impact Statement (Tier 1 Final EIS). Additionally, this chapter summarizes the No Action Alternative used for comparison in the evaluation of the Preferred Alternative. Appendix BB, Technical Analysis on the Preferred Alternative, also provides further details and supporting documentation related to the Preferred Alternative."


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