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D. T. Ignacio Jayanti is managing partner of Corsair Capital, a private equity firm spun off from J.P. Morgan Chase in 2006. Earlier in his career, Mr. Jayanti was a senior member of J.P. Morgan's Investment Banking team, where he headed the Emerging Markets Financial Institutions group. He has also held other key posts at the firm.


In 1997, Mr. Jayanti was a key member of a Congressionally created blue-ribbon Working Group charged with developing a sustainable funding solution for Amtrak's Northeast Corridor. The Working Group's plan was affirmed by a statutory committee -- the Amtrak Reform Council -- fleshed out, and ultimately delivered in 2011 by Mr. Jayanti to the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure. With further refinements gleaned from policy experts, union leaders and rail industry veterans, the Working Group's plan became AIRNet-21. 

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